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Submitting Content

How to work with Big Art Canvas

Thank you for your interest in Big Art Canvas. We are always looking for high quality images from individual professional photographers who are able to make regular submissions, as well as established photo libraries and art collections.

We are looking for highly conceptually led imagery that is either photographed or produced in an innovative way that captures the emotion of the subject. Images that capture new experiences, fresh angles and that explore a diversity of interests. Typical subjects include people, culture, traditions, festivals, wildlife, land and seascapes, art and architecture.

All images accepted by Big Art Canvas are made available to art buyers worldwide through our website,, and other affiliate websites for high quality fine art reproduction onto archival paper and canvas. We accept photographic submissions of images captured on digital SLR cameras of 12 mega pixels or higher, or high resolution scanned artwork or transparencies that have been colour corrected.

Our Agreement

Our agreement assumes that you have attained the relevant model and property releases and that your agreement with us does not conflict with any other image library's exclusive representation rights. Our agreements are for a period of 5 years. We will supply you with an Excel meta data sheet for our SEO database. Photographers and artists receive 8% of the net value of each print sold, (based on print or canvas value only and not including the added price of framing).

How to Send a Submission

Submissions are accepted by mail only. Your submission must consist of a minimum of either 200 low res photographic jpeg files (72 dpi) or 24 paintings or illustrations on CD/DVD. Images should be in subject separated folders. We regret that we are unable to provide individual feedback if it is decided not to take your initial submission further. CDs/DVDs will not be returned. Following review, if we are interested in your work you will be required to re-submit images of interest as high resolution tiff files before a contract is offered.

Please include your contact details and a brief paragraph about your work and send your submission to:

Big Art Canvas - Submissions
73 Trafalgar Street
East Sussex

Thank you for your interest.