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Recent news

18 January 2011

Big Art Canvas teams up with Lonely Planet Images to bring you inspirational travel photographs as prints, large canvases and framed prints. "A celebration of life, curiosity and the experience of travel."

We are pleased to announce that our latest image partner is Lonely Planet Images. We have bought the aeroplane tickets, read the guides, carried huge ruck sacks, discovered lost cities and island beaches, tasted new exotic foods and been inspired by a veritable feast of new cultures, religions and customs. Now you can browse over 14,000 inspirational images and start planning your next adventure with a beautifully framed print or stretched canvas. View our Lonely Planet Collection.

We all have some great travel photos, but how many of us have professional quality and technically perfect pictures of our adventures that are capable of being reproduced as large as 2m x1m canvases? Well, now we have! Sit back and relax; Lonely Planet Images has teamed up with Big Art Canvas to bring the places and cultures you love to your living room as high quality giclée canvases.

Choose from New York City skylines, beautiful Pacific atolls, serene Saharan landscapes, World Heritage Sites and thousands of other inspirational places you've yet to visit! Start your journey here with the Lonely Planet Collection.

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